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Learning & Development

People’s fundamental desire to learn is voluntary – people learn because they want to! Building strong teams whose talents and motivation strengthen your overall organization and create a stimulating and rewarding working environment is key. Face to face learning nurtures discussion, enables people to reflect, explore within themselves and foster an environment of embracing new ideas.

Our programs create the environment that encourages learning by being highly motivational, inter-active and fun to be part of. All our programs are uniquely tailored to the needs of the client company and the individuals who attend. By investing time in understanding what your ideal learning objectives are to start with; we can help achieve those outcomes.

Our programs are diverse and include soft skills development such as leadership skills, communicating with greater effect, choosing the right people – interviewing astutely, leaders as coaches, performance excellence, teamwork, service excellence, handling complaints and many more!

Understanding the legal framework within which we work here in Ireland is often a challenge for SME’s to get a handle on. SME owners/ managers wear all hats within their organisations and HR best practices coupled with employment legislation are some of the minefields they have to navigate!

Our enhancement programs are aimed at helping you to avoid ‘stepping on a mine’ by giving you insight and guidelines into HRM best practices, core employment legislation, recruiting new people, contracts of employment, managing probationary periods, grievance, disciplinary, dismissal processes and performance management.

Many leaders benefit from individual coaching targeting specific elements of people leadership talents that they would like to enhance – as such SABOC will work with individual leaders supporting them in enhancing these skills.

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