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Purpose, Ethos & Goals

Sue Baird has over 20 years experience working as a Training and HR specialist. When Sue set up SABOC in 1995, she did so with the aim of providing small to medium sized businesses on the west coast of Ireland with bespoke Training & HR support. Many of these companies do not have their own Training & HR department and Sue fills this niche by:

  • Assisting in the recruiting of ‘the right people’ for the Company and;
  • Developing HRM documentation which ensures compliance with current employment legislation and;
  • Designing and delivering Training Courses that are tailor-made to meet the training needs of the Company and;
  • Providing ‘hands on’ HRM support and guidance.

What sets SABOC apart? Few companies are able to give the individual attention and ‘one on one’ commitment that Sue does. Sue works closely with host companies, becoming a part of that company, not as an external consultant but, as a member of the team who has the core values of the company at heart. It is this unique integration that creates a solid foundation of mutual understanding, trust and sense of belonging that enables both parties to successfully move into the future together.

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