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Recruitment Assistance

  • Development of Job Descriptions
  • Development of Job/Personal Specifications
  • Panel Interviewing Assistance
  • Interview Evaluations
  • Support Mechanisms

Recruiting ‘the right person’ remains every company’s greatest challenge. Successfully matching the needs of the position with the aptitude and attitude needs of both the job role and the company, is the true test of your recruitment process. Effective interviewing techniques require skill, knowledge and patience and although you can never guarantee ‘the perfect match’, you can take positive actions to reduce mistakes and identify best choice for your company.

The key to effective selection is understanding what qualities are ‘essential’ and, what is ‘desirable’ in relation to both the position and, the person required to do that role. By working closely with the host company, Sue can assist in helping to identify these key criteria, enabling more effective interview preparation.

Finally, Sue can further assist the host company by sitting on the interview panel as an independent assessor throughout the interview process.

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