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HR, Leadership & Cultural Supports

Creating the right culture is integral to your organisation’s success. Determining that culture, educating that culture and owning that culture are key ingredients – within all organisations, there is a need to constantly remind ourselves what this culture is and its’ importance to your company’s ethos – not just to pay lip service to it but to truly live it.

Occasionally from time to time, situations will arise which need to be addressed – these might be internal disputes, alleged breaches and/or employee relation challenges. Leaders need to be confident in knowing how to handle such situations appropriately, fairly and within legal perimeters should they arise.

SABOC can assist in helping you:

  • Develop culture strategies and HRM best practice policies within your organization.
  • Provide guidance and advise in relation to employee relations and dispute resolution matters.
  • By acting as an independent mediation facilitator in the dispute resolution process.
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